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It is like an automatic, just turn the key“ – no sound, but the car starts moving, silently, and it moves faster, and faster – with just a silent buzz and surprisingly quick acceleration! From 0 to 40 mph in 2 seconds – awesome speed and awesome silence - with just the sound of the wheels on the road cruising at 40 mph. A new driving experience never before available - actually, this is not driving, this is avision of moving into future space and time!

It is a city car, it has no exhaust pipe anymore - “zero emissions” - and we fuel it at home by simply plugging it into an outlet, and charge it with “zero emission” wind energy today - and “zero emission” solar energy tomorrow. And I couldn`t believe it. A dream comes true - this is the next step for a zero emission future, a new way of life as we silently cruise into the future. The future is here – now!

And the car really is very efficient, it is a “1.4-liter” car. It needs 14 kilowatt hours of electricity equivalent to 1.4 liters of gas. This equates to 167 mpgyes, this is not a misprint – 167 miles per gallon! And it is only €4 per 100km. A conventional “8 liter” car takes about €13 per-100 km, which is 3 times more money.

So, shouldn`t this great electric car not even be cheaper to drive than a normal car? Let’s review the numbers: the electric car costs €25,000, a cost that is comparable to conventional cars in Europe. The battery is leased for €67 per month, so how do annual costs compare?

10,000 km per year costs €1,300 in gas for a conventional car. Our “zero emission” car needs €800 for the battery lease and €400 for wind & solar power costs at home. Therefore, we have a profit already in the first year! We are making a €100 “zero emission” profit.

Now, let`s look at an example assuming 20,000 km per year: €2,600 in gas for a conventional car.

Our “zero emission” car needs €800 for the battery lease and €800 for wind & solar power costs. Therefore, the “Zero Emission Profit” is €1,000 per year - Every year! It is clear that it is cheaper today to go electric!

In summary, our “zero emission” electric car offers a unique, awesome driving experience, PLUS it makes money. A fantastic €1,000 “Zero Emission Profit” opportunity that we can all take advantage of!


The calculation for a conventional car is as follows:

10,000km x 8 liters/100km = 800 liters

800 liters x €1.63/liter = €1,300 for gas

Therefore, the conventional car needs 800 liters of gas for 10,000 km of driving per year which costs approximately €1,300.

Zero Emission” electric car for 10,000 km:

12 months x €67/month = €800 battery lease

10,000km x €4/100km = €400 for wind & solar power

800 + €400 = €1,200 in total costs

Our electric car spends €800 for the battery lease and €400 for power, so the total costs are €1,200

Compared to the €1,300 total costs for a conventional car, there is already a “Zero Emission Profit” of €100.

Now, let`s look at 20,000 km of driving per year case:

Zero Emission electric car for 20,000 km:

12 months x €67/month = €800 battery lease

20,000km x €4/100 km = €800 for wind & solar power

800 + €800 = €1,600 total costs

Our electric car spends €800 for the battery lease and €800 for power, so the costs are €1,600 for the year.

Compared to the €2,600 costs for a conventional car for 20,000 km, there is a “Zero Emission Profit” of €1,000 - Every year.

The CO2 savings were calculated as follows: 1 Liter of gas burns to produce 2.3 kg of CO2. With a consumption of 8 liters per 100 km, each km would produce 185 g CO2.

The 8 liters gas per 100 km is equivalent to 29 mpg (miles per gallon)

The excange rate: 1 Euro (€1) is approx. $1.30-1.40.


CO2 savings 3.7 tons per year
Payback immediate
Zero Emission Profit €1,000 per year
Potential 1 Millionen „zero emission“ Elektroautos
Potential CO2 savings 37 million tons CO2 per year
Zero Emission Profit 1 Milliarden € pro Jahr
Country Germany
Rating ++
Author Ingo Stuckmann
Start of story 2014
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