Pellet heating our home – a Zero Emission Profit Opportunity

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Story:  Our family was sitting in the garden having lunch and thought about the different ways in which to heat our new home next winter. We calculated that our home would cause 4 tons of CO2 to be released by standard heating methods, and wondered how much that would be. Our car has a weight of 1 ton, and even with all four of us trying we could not lift it. With our home producing 4 tons of CO2, that would be equivalent to 4 cars. “This must be a lot!” our youngest commented, “no wonder the climate is changing with the burden of so many homes” my daughter said “how can we do this without blowing so much CO2 into the air?”  

After much discussion, we decided on wood pellets as a heating source. Trees will absorb all the CO2 from the air that was released when heating our home. Wood pellets is a solution that helps our family achieve  “zero emission” status, and also makes economic sense - truly a zero emission opportunity.  

Economics: In 8 years, the additional installation costs of the pellet stove are paid off,  and after that our pellet running costs are half of what normal fuel costs would be, giving our family  €1,000 profit each year.  This to us is a very healthy return on an attractive “zero emission opportunity”.


Our calculation is as follows. We need 20,000 kilowatthours (kWh = energy units) to heat our home With natural gas, the installation of an efficient devise is about 4,000-. Pellet heating and chimnea are about 12,000-. So, with cheaper wood pellets we need to “earn” the difference of 12,000-4,000 = 8,000, our “Zero Emission Investment”. Now, while Natural gas is about 10 cents/kWh (dividing our bill by the kWh used), resulting in 2,000- per year, our pellets are only 1,000,- (four tons at 250,- each), leaving 1,000,- surplus.




CO2 savings 4 tons per year
Zero Emission Investment €8,000 once
Payback 8 years
Zero Emission Profit €1,000 per year after payback
Potential 250.000 new homes with per year in Germany
Potential CO2 savings 1 million tons per year
Zero Emission Profit €250 millions per year after payback
Country Germany
Rating ++
Author Ingo Stuckmann
Start of story 2014
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