A Climate Crisis Miracle – bringing people together!

Which of the 2 statements has the potential to bring people together on climate?

“Let’s go for renewable energy.”

“Let’s go for renewable energy which is half the price.”

A climate miracle.

We have the solution.

And it’s cheaper.


Let’s all talk about it!

If everybody knew how CHEAP renewables are, everybody would do it.

Every politician can sell CHEAP renewables to its voters.


We have 10 years left only, and it takes all of us, to TALK ABOUT the climate miracle.



Not yet heard of at the recent CNN town hall on the climate crisis.

Not yet heard of from Antonio Guterres, UN general secretary.

Not yet heard of from any politician in the western world, except for James Inslee.



Forbes: New solar + battery half the price than natural gas


Further references, see full article.

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