The great disconnect on climate

AOCs Green New Deal, the Baker-Shulz Carbon Dividends Plan, the Inglis Plan for a carbon and border adjustment tax, the Feinstein Plan for bold action on climate change – what do they all have in common? They are missing the KEY POINT!

Let me explain this.

Yes, they all want carbon pricing signals to let the markets favor lower carbon products. And with Bob Inglis smart plan for an additional border adjustment carbon tax, there is even a chance such a carbon tax goes global, to avoid the US border adjustment tax filling the US treasury only.

2 things

Nevertheless, for a carbon free, zero emission lifestyle, for a zero emission world (the Paris goal for 2045, to avoid catastrophic climate change for Millennials), we need 2 things to happen: A lower carbon footprint (which all the above proposals address), but even more importantly (and not yet addressed in a single of these proposals), we need more renewables for zero footprint products, zero footprint cities, zero energy homes and EVs. They all need 100% CHEAP renewable energy! Otherwise this is never gonna work (the great disconnect, morals have not worked for the past 30 years / ‘Losing Earth’ New York Times). It HAS to be CHEAPER.


And the good news is that wind turbines and solar panels have dramatically come down in pricing, especially in the past 12 months, such that wind and solar energy is CHEAPER now in all 50 States (and worldwide). That is the KEY POINT – CHEAPER!

Just realize what this really means, we have the solution (for all 50 States), 100% CHEAP renewables (and upcoming cheap batteries)! What are we waiting for?

Solar CHEAPEST source of energy

To illustrate this one more time, NIPSCO, a Northern Indiana utility just finished their integrated resource plan (IRP), studying how to produce power cheaper for their customers in the next couple of years. Out of 8 scenarios run, the CHEAPEST source of energy was 1,500 MW of new solar power. And this is northern Indiana, not exactly a sunshine state.

Just check out the US solar map, Indiana has only green solar potential. However, the rest of the US (and the world) is yellow and orange, MUCH better sun, which means, solar is even CHEAPER!

Solar cheapest source of energy - in all 50 States! (and worldwide!)


Wind energy

Wind energy likewise, very CHEAP in the windy States, just lacking transmission to get to northern Indiana and elsewhere to the markets. Missing the ‘road to market’. What are we waiting for?

Levelize the playing field

The 2 main issues that would greatly enable CHEAP renewables, that would levelized the playing field for renewables, could be:

Road to Market: FERC could oversee permitting for new transmission lines (as it does for pipelines), to avoid 10+ years never ending… – and CHEAP renewables will happen.

Choices: FERC could direct ALL whole sale markets to free up for choices (not just the deregulated markets) – and again, CHEAP renewables will happen.

We have all we need, what are we waiting for?



Just imagine the phantastic tools we have at hand today would start working:

We have the solution, 100% CHEAP renewables, the KEY POINT.

We just need to TALK ABOUT it.

(If everybody knew how CHEAP renewables are, everybody would do it)


Secondly, we could levelize the playing field for renewables to enable CHEAP renewables (‘road to market’- permitting new transmission lines through FERC (as is done for pipelines) / ‘choices’ - whole sales market choices for all States, directed by FERC). 

And, any other proposals (like the ones mentioned above), may consider to TALK ABOUT the KEY POINT – we have the solution, 100% CHEAP renewables!

What a great connect.

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