RepublicEN - a Republican plan to take on climate change

With free markets in mind, what would it take to move the needle the most to reduce carbon emissions? Most experts agree on a carbon tax. Republicans however have shyed away from it, even though it would be a market based solution, and, might avoid regulating carbon which maybe the alternative.

Wildfires in California, shrinking glaciers in the Rockies, sea level rise with sunny day flooding in Miami, and, flash floods pretty much all over - in the daily news. We live in a changing climate, and, this is important for young people. The left reacts with regulations, and, despite AOC’s Green New Deal proposing a domestic carbon tax, there is an even bolder plan on the republican side now. Former Congressman Bob Inglis calls for a carbon tax combined with a border adjustment tax (for products from Countries without such carbon tax), that, “within 24 hours will the Chinese ask themselves whether they want to pay the tax into the US treasury, or, whether it is not better to pay it into their own, chinese treasury at home. Guess what.” The border adjustment tax would globalize the carbon tax. Bolder than the purely domestic AOC plan, the Inglis plan creates fair markets, all over the world


Link to full article: A Republican Plan to take on Climate Change.


Dr. Ingo Stuckmann, Zero Emission Think Tank

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