WINNING EARTH with AL GORE`s Climate Reality Project

WINNING EARTH, our response to the recent New York Times article LOSING EARTH. Something did change in the past 30 years of climate inaction:

Renewable energy is cheaper! now. We have economics at our back. The solution to climate change. But, it needs to happen now. And it needs to happen FAST!


What can you do?

We don’t know what you can do, but here is what we have done since the last training:

Here are overview articles:

  1. Solar cheapest source of energy in all 50 States!
  2. Climate Change & Solutions 101 
  3. SUMMARY: Status of Planet Earth & The KEY POINT to take on Climate change
  4. OVERVIEW: Film, Fashion and Music take on Climate Change with KEY POINT
  5. Presentations for film, fashion and music in this short overview article: Winning Earth – the KEY POINT. Answer to the New York Times `Losing Earth´
  6. WHITE PAPER – go zero! 3 KEY missing elements

AL GORE’s Climate Reality Project Training

We took the training in Los Angeles. It is a phantastic, life changing experience with thousands coming together and sharing the same values and the desire to do something. And, it is easy to act now, as Al GORE puts it with 3 questions:


  1. Must we change? 

Last time we had 2 degrees higher temperatures, about 4 million years ago, the Sea level was 30ft higher – let alone droughts, super hurricanes and wildfires. Climate change is here. Yes, we must change. 

  1. Can we change? 

Yes, renewable energy is now the cheapest source of energy in all 50 States! (and hence worldwide) Wind and solar energies are growing exponentially. 2/3 of all new energy installed in the US is cheap wind and solar energy, year after year saving ratepayers billions of dollars. Yes, we can change.

  1. Will we change? 

We are already changing to 100% cheap renewables, with economics at our back now, “it is just a matter of how fast we change” (Al GORE). We need to change faster to save billions of dollars and prevent the tipping points towards catastrophic climate change which happen beyond 2 degrees. However, carbon emissions are still rising ever higher, the world is on the way to He… to the HeatAge and Hell for many - with 3-4 degree. 

But, we have all we need – TALK ABOUT 100% cheap! renewables. And, we want them FAST.


Now, where do we fit in here? What can we do?

Let’s start a NEW CHAPTER

FILM, FASHION and MUSIC take on Climate Change with the KEY POINT!


Let’s think about it, what is it we want? 

FILM, FASHION and MUSIC people, please TALK ABOUT 100% cheap! renewables, the KEY POINT, the solution to climate change!

And we WANT cheap! renewables FAST.

We only have 10 years left to act and to reduce the world’s carbon emissions by 50% - otherwise it is too late to meet the 2 degree Paris goal and MIAMI drowns.



We took several months to come up with customized, short presentations CLIMATE CHANGE & SOLLUTIONS 101, and others, including just a 1 pager for the KEY POINT only. 



We went to SUNDANCE, the festival for this year’s new films that may a year later get nominated for the Oscars. We talked with Narisha, director of LATE NIGHT – the new film with Emma Thompson and an immigrant star - that was sold to Amazon for $14 million at SUNDANCE. We talked to her about the urgency of climate action, especially with MIAMI drowning within the lifetime of Millennials. We told her about the solution, we now have 100% cheap! renewables, and, asked her to please help and TALK ABOUT it. 

She tells us that her film LATE NIGHT is carbon neutral. This is great – but was not featured in the film, so we asked her to label the film, for example with the zero-footprint label and TALK ABOUT it. Show people how good you really are! She was very open to our suggestions and mentioned “climate change is the next big thing we need to tackle”.



NEXT: what can FILMs do? TALK ABOUT the problems, and, TALK ABOUT the solutions. Tell stories. Our next step is to come up with themes for new films, and send them to Narisha and others. HELP WELCOME, PLEASE JOIN IN


MUSIC Themes

Rich Goldman with RIPTIDE MUSIC works on this. He was trained with the Climate Reality Project as well. Apparently the way MUSIC works is that freelancers present their themes to clients and music labels. Rich is in contact with about 300 writers in LA for the clients he has. Rich has also worked in MIAMI, immediately being aware of the human disaster to come if MIAMI drowns within the lifetime of MILLENNIALS. Together we came up with “themes” for MUSIC writers, and, upon request from Rich, we came up with a short 1pager presentation about the solution, the KEY POINT. Rich will now TALK ABOUT 100% cheap! renewables with music labels, producers, and influencers he has access to.

NEXT: what can we do next? HELP WELCOME.


MIAMI alert!

MIAMI already sees 10 days of Sunny Day Flooding per year which is flooding without a storm. There was no such flooding 20 years ago, which lead the New York Times to title “Sharp increase in Sunny Day Flooding along the East Coast”, with Atlantic City seeing 30 days of flooding, and, Wilmington, NC already 80 (!) days. The water is coming.

In oder to raise awareness for MIAMI, and get kids to TALK ABOUT and ACT on climate change, we have the idea of a MIAMI alert! Music Festival.

So, we met with Jennifer Lopez. JLO lives in MIAMI BEACH and is worried about her coconuts, her two teenage twins growing up happily. She is possibly interested in playing a leading role to raise awareness at a MIAMI alert! Festival to save MIAMI.

We now plan to talk to the City of MIAMI for a venue, and to festival organizers like Live nations and others to possibly organize it. HELP WELCOME.



One idea is to talk to Corporate Sponsors to sponsor a theme like “it’s getting hotter” or “ice caps melting” presenting their solutions in a commercial for their new products made with 100% renewable energy. The new wave of zero emission products (ZEPs). For the MIAMI alert! Festival.



So, to TALK ABOUT and possibly find sponsors for the MIAMI alert! Festival, we presented at the Renewable Energy Corporate Buyers conference with sustainability managers of the top 50 corporations many of which have 100% Renewable energy procurement goals. We asked them to TALK ABOUT 100% cheap renewables and also to label any new zero emission products (ZEPs) with a label,  “show your costumers how good you really are”. 

SPONSOR – the label: Our attendance and the conference itself was co-sponsored with $14,000 by www.zero-footprint.compromoting it’s trademarked zero-footprint label for zero emission products (ZEPs). The label is for free, if you sharezero, i.e. find 2 new ZEPs. www.zero-footprint.com is listing all ZEPs on the website and is building a CHOICEzero community. 

Zero-footprint also sponsored ‘global warming mugs’ which show the disappearance of our coastlines when hot coffee is poured into the mug, available at www.zero-footprint.com.




Just now, Alan Walker came up with #createADifferentWorld, his new album. Alan has had 1 billion clicks before, and, is a key influencer. The first wild climate song! Great. Just one point, Alan Walker missed the KEY POINT (cheap! renewables), we will contact him.

Ruslana is a former Eurovision song contest winner from Ukraine with 140 million people watching. She performs WILD ENERGY and also pressed a button at New Year’s Eve, for 2019 to be the YEAR OF RENEWABLE ENERGY. She will perform again at the next European song contest this year.

We would love more POP STARS to come in and create a zero emission people culture for the road ahead.

NEXT: Talk to more pop stars. HELP WELCOME



We went to the New York FAHION WEEK and talked to designers about climate change & solutions themes. The initial reaction was “boring”, so we now are suggesting cool design elements like a wind turbine blade across your T-shirt (see our FASHION – design elements presentation). Also at the PARIS FASHION WEEK designers VIKTOR&ROLF from the Netherlands started with climate change themes (see coverpage of our FASHION presentation). We plan to get in contact with them to spread the news and TALK ABOUT itand SHOW PEOPLE HOW GOOD YOU REALLY ARE!

We are also talking to the headquarter of leading fashion brands in New York, and gave them a global warming mug to emphasize the urgency.

NEXT: We want to contact Stella McCartney, daughter of Paul McCartney, as she is in fashion already taking on climate change. We want to show her our presentation with the KEY POINT. HELP WELCOME


Fridays for future

Greta Thunberg organized schoolkids to protest climate change which will affect them, not so much their parents. In the recent world economic forum in DAVOS Switzerland, she told the world leaders: ‘I don’t want your hope. I want you to panic’


Dear Greta, we would love you to tell the world leaders this one more key point:

For years now we have the solution at our fingertips: 100% cheap! renewables.

‘I want 100% cheap! renewables. I don’t want your excuses. I want them FAST.’

Please help and TALK ABOUT it!



We drafted a presentation for everybody including politicians CLIMATE CHANGE & SOLUTIONS 101, all you need to know.


New Congress

When the Democrats won the house in the midterms, John Kerry asked the New Congress to put bold climate change proposals in front of the White House to develop the Saudi Arabia of Wind in the Midwest and the Middle East of Solar in the South. Great, but he missed the KEY POINT. 

NEXT: NEED HELP to contact him.


Green New Deal

Alexandria Octavio-Cortez (AOC) and Ed Markey released the draft GND. Critics fear the loss of economic activity by bold climate action. They shouldn’t, if a corrected GND draft contained the missing KEY POINT (cheap renewables).

NEXT: NEED HELP to contact them.


Senate Climate Change Resolution

Dianne Feinstein’s Senate resolution may draw the same critics as the GND, because it is also missing the KEY POINT (cheap renewables).

NEXT: NEED HELP to contact.



Why is nobody aware of CHEAP RENEWABLES? It is the KEY POINT to make it or break it!

Only California and Massachussetts and a few other States will take on climate change on morals alone. 30 years of inaction speak a pretty clear language, carbon emission still rising! But, we have economics at our back! We have 100% cheap! renewables now. And that’s why many more States and Countries are likely to follow California’s lead, and switch to cheap! renewables. We have all we need.


OUR CONCLUSTION of the first 6 months of climate activism is that 100% cheap! renewables really is the KEY POINT. 

Let’s TALK ABOUT 100% cheap! renewables.

For profit solution to climate change. 

Every politician can sell this! to it’s voters.


Whether the GND, the Feinstein Senate resolution, John Kerry - it is the KEY POINT missing - make it or break it.


Join our high impact NEW CHAPTER!


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Personal note: 

Life has never been more rewarding since Al GORE`s life changing Climate Reality Training. Thank you so much, Al, for giving us these opportunities to just TALK ABOUT it and MAKE A CHANGE in people´s lives.

We have all we need. 

100% cheap! renewables. 

Let´s win this.





Here are overview articles:

  1. Solar cheapest source of energy in all 50 States!
  2. Climate Change & Solutions 101 
  3. SUMMARY: Status of Planet Earth & The KEY POINT to take on Climate change
  4. OVERVIEW: Film, Fashion and Music take on Climate Change with KEY POINT
  5. Presentations for film, fashion and music in this short overview article: Winning Earth – the KEY POINT. Answer to the New York Times `Losing Earth´
  6. WHITE PAPER – go zero! 3 KEY missing elements





Aesthetics of windmills (link to pdf)



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