Alan Walker – #CreateADifferentWorld but missing KEY POINT

Dear Alan,


We love your song #CreateADifferentWorld on youtube, but, PLEASE, have you considered changing this frase “we are stuck on answers we can’t find”?

It is not true anymore. The good news is, we have the solution to take on climate change: 100% cheap! renewables! Yes, wind or solar are now the cheapest source of energy in each of the 50 states in the US (I am developing wind farms in the US for 20 years and know what I am talking about, a respective paper will be published soon), which means worldwide as well. Wind in Texas is so abundant that utilities are already offering free power at night! And every electric car has a battery for the balance.


What is missing? TALK ABOUT it. We need 100% low-cost renewables! And fast!

If everybody knew how cheap renewables are, everybody would do it.


Please help spreading the word, may we very kindly suggest this change: “we are stuck on answers – though cheap! renewables are here!”


And, at your concerts, may we kindly suggest to spread the news: TALK ABOUT 100% cheap! Renewables.


Best, Ingo – Zero Emission Think Tank / activist with AL GORE’s Climate Reality Project



PS: And, here is the latest for climate deniers: Denialism died the day renewables got cheaper. Denialism is not relevant anymore, renewables are going to happen anyways, because they are cheaper now. Finally, denialism is history. 


“Biggest existential threat to our way of life” Alexandra Octavio-Cortez


‘I don’t want your hope. I want you to panic’ Greta Thunberg ‘Fridays for future’ at Davos world economic forum


‘I want 100% cheap! renewables. I don’t want your excuses. I want them FAST.’ Suggestion to Greta.


LOSING EARTH’ is a recent New York Times article about 30 years of inaction – ‘WINNING EARTH’ is our answer about what HASchanged in the past 30 years: We have cheap! renewables now.

Zero Emission Think Tank - Winning Earth


MIAMI alert! Music Festival’ planned for 2020 to create awareness. Unless we change within the next 10 years, MIAMI will be drowned by the rising seas within the lifetime of Millennials under 40 years of age today. Miami kids are not aware of it. Washington ignores it.

Climate Reality Project 


Al Gore – TED talk!



“We are going to win this.”

“This is the biggest new business opportunity in the history of the world” Al Gore


Dr. James Rae – TED talk! Climate change: simple, serious, solvable, University of St. Andrews, 



James Hansen – TED talk! Why I must speak out about climate change


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