Greta ‘Fridays for future’ – one more KEY POINT

‘I want 100% cheap! renewables. I don’t want your excuses. I want them FAST.’


Dear Greta, 

with a lot of admiration we are repeating your key sentences at the Davos meeting:

‘I don’t want your hope. I want you to panic’

We all need energy for our way of life mostly coming from fossil fuels with the associated large carbon footprint. Our carbon emissions trap the heat in the atmosphere, it is getting hotter on earth and everybody can feel it. If we don’t change in the next 10 years, there will be no way anymore to achieve the Paris climate treaty goals, to keep the world’s temperature below 2 degrees thereby avoiding catastrophic climate change. 

The only way to reduce our still increasing carbon footprint on Earth down to zero, down to a zero-footprint, is to go for 100% renewable energy, which is carbon free energy with zero emissions. And, we finally have economics at our back: Wind and solarenergy (including batteries) is cheaper! now than fossils. 

Listen to this: We have the solution at our hands, 100% cheap! renewable energy. This is the solution to climate change. And, very importantly, it is a for profit solution to CLIMATE CHANGE which is critical for it’s success. Every politician can sell this! to it’s voters! 

Just imagine, 100% cheap! renewables = we hold the holy grail in our hands to make Paris work. But, it does not happen and carbon emissions are still increasing. WHY?  

Possibly because people don’t know about it and the world press is silent on the matter for years now (except for The New York Times, The Guardian, Bloomberg and a few others), possibly silenced by the grip of advertising money. 

Our story: We formed Zero Emission Think Tank in 2015 to help the Paris Summit preparation of the german delegation together with the French one in Bonn at the time. We had great concerns that this summit would fail again, as has happened with over 20 summits before. The german delegation did not know that renewables are cheaper now, and, they were trapped with carbon reductions and associated costs, apparently nobody in the world was willing to pay for. Same story for 20 failed summits before. Regardless of the moral challenge, the world refuses to pay for carbon reductions. We needed to break this deadlock. The solution, the ONLY solution is - cheaper renewables! We absolutely needed economics at our back, or the Paris Summit would fail again, so we feared. 

So, we researched the topic, and were even surprised ourselves of how extremely cheap renewables were. We hastily submitted our paper to the german delegation end of September 2015, followed by a November meeting with Germany’s top negotiator, secretary of the environment Barbara Hendricks, demonstrating that renewables are worldwide cheaper now, compared with fossils! 

And, we argued, that the world should define positive targets for renewable energy installations, 50% by 2030, 100% by 2050. 

Finally a for profit solution to climate change, every politician can sell this! to it’s voters! 


Then, we all won in Paris, the world agreed to a global climate treaty, but carbon emissions are still increasing, so we really are still ‘Losing Earth’! Why? 

We thought through it and recently came up with our WHITE PAPER ‘go zero!: We have the solution, 100% cheap! renewables. What’s next?


image003.jpgThe most important point we came up with is to TALK ABOUT it. The world press is still ignoring the facts. If everybody knew how cheap renewables are, everybody would do it. 


TALK ABOUT 100% cheap! Renewables!

Every politician can sell this! to its voters.


Dear Greta, we would love you to tell the world leaders this one more key point:

‘I don’t want your hope. I want you to panic’ 

For years now we have the solution at our fingertips: 100% cheap! renewables.

‘I want 100% cheap! renewables. I don’t want your excuses. I want them FAST.’

Please help!


Ingo,  activist with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project

NOTE: What we are doing: ‘Film, Fashion and Music take on Climate Change’


NOTE: Renewables are cheaper!

Working in renewable energy development for 20 years myself, I just did a survey (to be published soon on our Zero Emission Think Tank webpage “let’s face it, www.zepface.it“): 

Renewable energies are cheaper now than fossils in all 50 (!) of the United States, and, hence in the world. Give me only one reason, why you are not massively pushing renewable energy NOW!? There is none. No more excuses. Just do it.

PERSONAL NOTE: Everybody can help.

And, it is easy on the personal level as well: (1) Get solar panels on your roof, (2) buy an electric car charged with 100% cheap!renewables, (3) buy zero-footprint products made with 100% cheap!  renewables – look for the zero-footprint label, and any other label for carbon-free, zero emission products (ZEPs),  (4) live in a Zero Emission Place, a superinsulated, net zero energy home, with triple glass windows, without AC in summer and without furnace anymore. A truly carbon-free, Zero Emission Place for the next 200 years! 

And all of these are lifetime decisions that are even cheaper now than not doing it. There is no reason whatsoever to not go zero!now. Zero emissions is cheaper! Be the solution, be zero, and – everybody can help: Buy zero-footprint products and TALK ABOUT it.

NOTE: We have 10 years left to act.

If we don’t change within 10 years, drastically lowering our carbon footprint, the consequence would be a much hotter planet, especially if we keep thawing the permafrost releasing billions of tons of trapped methan emissions. With these “methan bombs” we greatly risk going into the HeatAge – as has happened 250 million years ago when the permafrost methan bombs increased the world temperature within decades only from 2 degrees to 5, causing a mass extinction. If this happened again, we would face catastrophic climate change with (i) global deforestation as trees obviously cannot adjust to hotter climatic zones, (ii) sea level rise drowning MIAMI and other coastal cities within the lifetime of Millennials today, with sunny day flooding in Miami and along the US Eastcoast already sharply increasing over the past years (see attached), (iii) loosing the coral reefs and the associated fish in the oceans, with 90% of marine life depending on coral reefs, (iv) mass extinctions as it gets too hot, (v) mass migration of billions of people towards the global North, and, (vi) Death Valley hot temperatures, droughts, wildfires, super hurricanes – in other words, we ‘Lost Earth’. 

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