Dianne Feinstein’s climate change resolution – missing KEY POINT

Cheap renewable energy is now widely available for mass installation in all 50 US States


Opinion found at AL GORE’s climate reality project network:  

Dianne Feinstein’s draft climate change resolution is missing the key point:


“Congress finds that— 


(5) the solution to climate change, cheap renewable energy, is now widely available for mass installation in all 50 US States, including, but not limited to utility scale wind and solar farms, including storage, and, rooftop solar PV and rooftop solar thermal installations.”


While many people recognize that climate change is a moral challenge for all of us, only California and a few other States will act on moral grounds alone. The rest of the States and Countries in the world will possibly not act. 30 years of inaction, ‘Losing Earth’, speak for themselves, according to a recent New York Times article: 30 years with ever increasing carbon emissions. 


However, Zero Emission Think Tank has written an answer to the New York Times ‘Losing Earth’ which is titled ‘Winning Earth’ about what actually HAS changed in the past 30 years, and that is truly remarkable: 

We have cheap! renewables now. Wind and/or solar energy are cheaper now than fossils.

100% cheap! renewables, the key for Paris to work! 


Not only California and a few other Countries and States will act on moral ground now, but, with economics at our back, the WHOLE WORLD is likely to install cheap! renewables. Because this is so critical to make Paris work, we would include such key point into any draft resolution on climate change.


(5) the solution to climate change, cheap renewable energy, is now widely available for mass installation…”


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