Climate Change. John Kerry misses the KEY POINT

John Kerry’s recent article in the New York Times “Forget Trump. We all must act on climate change” misses the point (1).

John cites the evidence “hard to miss” with 15 of the largest California wildfires in the past 18 years, $265 Trillion in damages from last year’s super-hurricanes Maria, Harvey and Irma, record droughts and flooding with agricultural production down in over 20 countries – the damaging grip of climate change.

John is also aware of the inaction and severity of it with “every day that goes by that we’re paralyzed by the Luddite in the White House is a day in the future that our grandchildren will suffer.”

His proposal to the new Congress is to challenge Trump with new legislation: Will he say no to deploying solar technology that would turn the American West into the Saudi Arabia of solar? No to turning the Midwest into the Middle East of wind power? No to a manufacturing revolution that could put West Virginia back to work in ways that his beloved coal never will? (2)

And the consequences of failed congressional proposals: “If Mr. Trump says no, make climate change the galvanizing issue for 2020 (election) for millennials who will vote as if their lives depend on it – because they do.”

Let’s be clear on this, John Kerry is an extraordinary politician, having contributed himself to the success of the Paris climate accord with the prior US-China deal, and, by taking over critical negotiations in Paris himself at the time.

But, he ignores the key point to make Paris happen: Yes, politicians love to argue and appeal to morals for actions, and they should, but, 30 years of inaction have more than sufficiently proven that moral appeals are not enough and even dire forseeable damages to our children have not lead to any significant actions on climate change (3).

So, what is missing? What is the key point that John Kerry could have made?

Very simple. Economics.

Because renewable energies are cheaper now than fossils, we have economics at our back (4): This is the key for Paris to happen! And, think about it. It simply does not matter anymore whether Trump and others believe in climate change or deny it. Denialism died the day renewables got cheaper. Cheap renewables will happen anyways, because they are the cheapest source of energy in all 50 US states now (5). Everybody wants cheap.

John, this is very simple:

We won Paris.

We have cheap renewables.

Just go for it:

100% Renewables.

100% Cheap! Renewables.

And John, if you were to write the next New York Times article, you may refer to the ‘holy grail’ for Paris: Cheap! Renewables.

Exam passed. 


Notes & Links:

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  5. Breakthrough: Wind or Solar cheaper in all 50 US States (article in preparation, to be published on "let's face it")



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