Georgia on my mind - go solar!

It’s cheaper. It makes money. It creates new jobs: Solar for all



Solar energy is cheaper today in Georgia than any other power (1). And, all the old power plants need to be renewed in the next two decades anyway. Cheap solar energy therefore has a huge potential for Georgia: 

220,000 new jobs (2) if we go for 100% renewable energies, most importantly: Solar!

A bright future for new jobs – become a solar installer!



There are 2 ways we can open up this huge solar opportunity for Georgia: Rooftop solar for all, and, utility scale projects with property tax revenues for Counties, supporting education.

Georgia has 37 Gigawatts (GW) of power plants installed today. Georgia also has 3.58 million, so almost 3.7 million homes. Let’s connect the dots: If 3.7 million homes were to install rooftop solar in the next 10 years, this could exactly replace the 37GW of the old power plants, and, create 126,000 jobs for 10 years with no subsidies needed anymore. 

In reality, it will take time and marketing efforts to start the solar rooftop wave in Georgia. However, old power plants need to be replaced soon. Utility scale solar can fill the gap.

Overall the solution may simply be a mix of rooftop and utility scale solar along with EVs with their batteries.

A $50 billion solar investment opportunity – solar for Georgia!


MAKE MONEY - either way!

You could buy and install your rooftop solar panels yourself with a qualified solar installer or you could rent your roof to Georgia Power or a Co-op for them to build it on your rooftop – you make money either way! 

If you install solar panels, you can finance them with current cheap loans, possibly enhanced by a new Greenbank. Once installed, you can get 2 types of revenues: 

Offsetting or even eliminating your electric bill,which is an indirect form of revenue, and, you could sell any excess power to Georgia Power or a Co-op at their published avoided cost rate. No subsidies needed anymore! Go solar!



You win by offsetting or even eliminating your electric bill, the utility wins by getting your excess solar power cheaper than with their old power plants, and, we all win with a growing solar economy with tens of thousands new jobs and a cleaner environment.


Georgia on my mind – go solar!



Call to action:

  1. Go for 1 million* solar rooftop homes

-legal action: pass a solar net billing law – to eliminate your electric bill by installing rooftop solar using solar power yourself.

-legal action: pass a solar revenue law – excess solar rooftop power shall be paid by your utility or coop at the PUC approved, published avoided cost rate.


  1. 100% Renewables RPS

-legal action: pass a 100% RPS (renewables portfolio standard), 100% renewable energy by 2040, subject to renewables being cheaper - at or below avoided costs! 


  1. Go for 10 GW* utility scale solar

-direct the PUC to request IRPs (integrated resource plans) from utilities to incorporate 10GW of utility scale solarprojects, and, 1 million solar rooftop homes.

-direct the PUC to request the 20 year long term vision IRP, i.e. a mix of 37GW rooftop and utility scale solar, including EVs and batteries and other renewables to 100% renew power in Georgia by 2040. 


*or more

Note: rooftop solar assumptions are: each rooftop solar installation would use 10kW needing 5 people working 15 days over the lifetime of the solar roof. 

Calculation 1: 3.7million rooftops * 10kW = 37,000,000 kW = 37 GW

Calculation 2: (3.7million rooftops *5 people *15 days) / (220 days per year * 10 years) = 126,000 jobs for 10 years

Note: Other states and countries may as well profit from these huge solar opportunities (3).



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Article by Zero Emission Think Tank on “let’s face it, www.zepface.it

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